Is There a Fee to Restore My Maiden Name?

Divorce lawyers in Coral Springs, FL, can provide you with invaluable guidance during this difficult time in your life. Your lawyer may bring up issues that hadn’t occurred to you, such as whether or not to restore your maiden name. It isn’t mandatory to restore your maiden name. You might wish to keep it if you’ve built your career with your married name. You may also prefer to keep the same last name as your children. But if you do want to restore your maiden name, it’s far more cost-effective to do so before your lawyer finalizes your divorce case.

As long as your divorce case is still open, you have the right to switch back to your maiden name without incurring any fees. After your family lawyer closes the divorce case, Florida law treats the restoration of one’s maiden name the same as it does any other name change. This means there will be a steep fee. As of 2017, the fee to file a petition for a name change in Broward County is $401.

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